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I can always count on Rubio’s for the quintessential fish taco!


Miguel’s Cocina 

Outstanding grilled swordfish tacos at Miguel’s in 4S Ranch!

Carnitas Tacos

Outstanding homemade carnitas tacos using our tender, leftover slow cooked pork shoulder!

Carnitas Tacos 

Outstanding homemade carnitas tacos!  Our slow cooker pork shoulder yields so many amazing meals. 

Carnitas Tacos 

Outstanding homemade carnitas tacos with cotija cheese!

Los Rancheros 

Los Rancheros for breakfast recently! I’ve been wanting to try their so-called “Tacos TJ Style” for some time. Now, back in the day when I used to go to Tijuana, my tacos were more like bacon wrapped hotdogs with mayonnaise. That’s a topic for another post however.Anyway, at Los Rally’s you can get two TJ tacos for $4. There’s a myriad of choices that include carne asada, chicken asada, carnitas, adobada, cabeza, buche (pork stomach), etc.

Unfortunately you can NOT mix & match the proteins. I tried to order two different types and was told by the lady “they had to both be the same meat!” Oh well – I chose two carne asada.

The carne was outstanding! A fairly generous amount too. Corn tortillas were doubled up, hot & fresh tasting. Garnished with pico, cilantro and a daub of guac. Very good – I would go back and get these again.

La Cocina 

Outstanding combination plates at La Cocina in Ramona, CA!  Even if it is served on styrofoam plates.  This place is a local institution that feels more like a sit down Mexican restaurant than a taco shop.  

Carnitas Tacos

Outstanding homemade carnitas tacos with salsa verde and queso fresco! 


Outstanding Smoky Oaxacan Shrimp tacos at Rubio’s, a SoCal institution.  Food prepared with delicious, quality ingredients. 

Jack in the Box

So, by now you should be aware of the horror that JIB has increased the cost of their two taco deal. Used to only be a buck, now it’s been jacked up 20 cents more!  Apparently it’s to cover the cost of all the extra lettuce LOL!

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