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Mi Sonora Querida Foodtruck

Recently tried the Mi Sonora Querida Foodtruck! Without a doubt, the best Mexican food I’ve had in Ramona. That, I can tell you. The food here is predominantly mariscos (seafood) style. There’s a nice selection of tacos, tostadas, soups, seafood cocktails, quesadillas and burritos. I’ll post a photo of their menu in the comments.

I ordered a camaron (shrimp) taco and a marlin taco. Both were outstanding! Authentic flavors, ingredients and cooking methods were certainly evident here. Everything was fresh tasting and affordable. This food truck is legit! Don’t hesitate to give it a shot sometime. Located at 1252 Main Street in the Sambas Liquor parking lot. Open Wednesday – Sunday, 11am-9pm.


Sombrero Mexican Food

My favorite place for “San Diego-Style” Mexican food is always Sombrero. For decades! Here are some of my absolute favorite Taco Tuesday selections. Fish taco and calamari taco. Made very simply with shredded cabbage, pico de gallo, chipotle crema and lime.

La Cocina

Decent combination plates for a taco shop but why do they always have to heap a mountain of lettuce on everything? Cheese enchilada and beef taco… If you couldn’t tell.

Mi Ranchito Taco Shop

One of the best things to order at Mi Ranchito are these outstanding flautas! Some of the best in town. Also tried a papa taco, (potato taco), or as I like to say, “tater taco”. Not one of the best things to order. Didn’t really care for the consistency of the potato. It seemed like pieces of mashed up, bland baked potato. I think if it were chunks of diced up, fried, crispy potato it would have been better. Certainly a beautiful looking taco though!

Mi Ranchito Taco Shop

Outstanding order of rolled tacos recently from Mi Ranchito! Topped with a very tasty creamy guacamole Americano and a liberal amount of shredded cheese. All of it sitting on a bed of fresh looking, shredded iceberg lettuce. Order of 3 base price is $4.15; it wound up being $5 with tax and card fee.

Mi Ranchito rolled tacos are made with ground beef vice shredded beef. Although some may scoff, I actually prefer ground beef in my rolled tacos. Good clean bites every time. At some places the shredded beef is rolled too tightly and I’m always pulling out large slugs of meat with each bite, leaving an unfortunate hollow tortilla tube.

Typically a fan of the flautas at Mi Ranchito, I decided to try their rolled tacos and I’m glad I did!

El Taco Loco Shop

Outstanding al pastor tacos at El Taco Loco Shop inside Ramona Market!

On the Border

One of my favorite spots for Taco Tuesday is On the Border! I always mix & match with an outstanding ground beef, barbacoa, and chicken.

Taco Bell 

Recently I had the distinct pleasure of visiting our new Taco Bell! I tried the “Double Stacked Tacos” for only $1 each. You can choose from three varieties. Nacho crunch; cool habanero; or spicy sweet. I got one nacho crunch and one cool habanero. Both were very good, although the cool habanero was the best. I like these better than the regular hardshell crunchy tacos that tend to break up and fall apart. There is a soft flour tortilla adhered to the hardshell by some sort of cheese substance. This made it much easier to eat without the whole thing disintegrating in my hands!

As others have noted, the parking lot is a complete cluster! Knowing this, I parked in the K-Mart lot over by Los Rancheros and made the short walk across the street. I highly recommend parking here during busy times. Easy in & out for sure! Dining area is extremely small and cramped, but I guess that’s the space they had to work with. Overall, happy to have the Bell in town for cheap and tasty eats.


I can always count on Rubio’s for the quintessential fish taco!

Miguel’s Cocina 

Outstanding grilled swordfish tacos at Miguel’s in 4S Ranch!

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