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El Taco Loco Shop

Outstanding al pastor tacos at El Taco Loco Shop inside Ramona Market recently! Seriously, some of the best tacos in town. For breakfast, lunch or dinner. Back in the day I always had unfortunate oral extractions to deal with when eating here but this batch was top shelf. Tender, flavorful and nice crispy edges from finishing on the flat top. Only $5.99 for three fatty tacos.

Tres Taqueria 

Excellent order of rolled tacos at Tres Taqueria in El Cajon! 

El Taco Loco Shop

Here’s part 2 of El Taco Loco Shop delivered by OrangeCrate, featuring their carne asada quesadilla!

I dearly adore carne asada quesadillas so I thought I’d add one to my last Orange Crate order. This one has to be the most monstrous I’ve ever seen! It should be clear to anyone that El Taco Loco Shop does NOT skimp on the carne. Nice touch that they included a small side of chips in the box!

Now, while it may be true that you can never have too much carne asada (or bacon for that matter), certain dishes react poorly to too much of one thing or another. This was the case with my quesadilla. A good CAQ needs to have the perfect ratio of meat and cheese. This one had meat spilling out just picking it up. Further, there was very little discernible cheese. The right amount of both will allow the melted cheese to act as a cohesive agent to contain the meat. In fact, the best CAQs I’ve had in my day usually result in a small stream of grease running down my hands and wrists. That’s when you know there’s ample cheese!

Despite being a challenge to eat, it did taste really good! They included guac, crema, pico, etc. inside which is not common in traditional taco shop CAQs.

Again, the delivery by MyOrangeCrate was spot on and this CAQ held up perfectly under transport.

El Taco Loco Shop 

El Taco Loco Shop delivered by OrangeCrate. I’ll probably break this into a two part review since there’s a lot I’d like to deep dive about the food.

If you’ve ever eaten from El Taco Loco Shop (inside Ramona Market), you know it can be a somewhat awkward and cumbersome experience. From who do you talk to, to where do you order, how and when do you pay, etc. If all this stresses you out, then I’d recommend letting OrangeCrate do all the hard work for you.

Online ordering was painless and simple as always. Food arrived in less than the 60 minutes anticipated! One of the items we ordered were the flautas. Turns out they no longer sell them! Within minutes after ordering I had the MyOC dispatcher calling and texting me about picking an alternate choice. Their communications with me throughout were terrific.

Here’s an order of outstanding carne asada chips. It’s a huge amount that can easily be shared by two. This place definitely dishes up abundant portions of carne asada but I have to say the quality is not the best I’ve had in town. Not sure if they’re using an inferior quality flap meat, but there are significantly more oral extractions per capita here than any other taqueria in town. 

As I’ve observed before, the best take-out food is probably Asian, followed closely by pizza. Next is probably Mexican. It held up very well on the 15 or so minute drive out to SDCE. Maybe the OC hotbox helped. Burgers and fries type dishes tend to struggle and are probably best eaten straight from the kitchen.

El Taco Loco Shop

The other day for breakfast I got a big league order of flautas from El Taco Loco Shop inside Ramona Market. It’s a great value – four chubby, beef filled, flour tortilla wrapped, fried flautas for only $4.99. There’s no standard topping method here, they always ask what I want on top… So I just tell ‘em cheese, crema and guac. They come out hot, crispy and tasty! I always recommend eating in here at one of their rickety tables. To me the food always tastes better that way.

I’m a big flauta fan and saw in another post today that Mi Ranchito has good flautas. Never tried them there. All recommendations welcome!

El Taco Loco Shop

Outstanding al pastor tacos at El Taco Loco Shop (inside Ramona Market)!  Got two recently for only $3.49 😭

El Taco Loco Shop

Back at one of my favorite taquerias in Ramona.  This time I’m trying an order of rolled tacos!  I know it looks like a hot mess, but they were still tasty.  Even if I did have to change clothes afterwards.  Now, these aren’t the best taquitos I’ve had.  They weren’t really fatty and chubby how I like.  That honor remains with Albert’s Mexican Food down the hill.  Here’s a case where less is more!  Piling on a bunch of lettuce, pico de gallo, etc really isn’t necessary and just makes everything fall off when you pick it up.  


Pepe’s Produce

One of the best spots in Ramona for classic street tacos is Pepe’s!  It’s actually a pretty crusty little Mexican market with a taqueria inside.  Very small yet inexpensive menu of great tacos.  Everything made to order and they just pile a ton of meat on a couple of hot, fresh corn tortillas.  You can then dress them up how you like at their salsa station.  


Pepe’s Produce 

Recently for breakfast I had the pleasure of trying Pepe’s Tacos for the first time. Tucked just inside Pepe’s Produce, this place is the real deal! I ordered two tacos al pastor. Would you believe these are only $1.25 each?? They were excellent! Exceeded my expectations. You basically get the meat on torts and dress it up as you see fit with a variety of self-serve salsas, onions, cilantro and whatnot. Menu is very small and basic. Mainly just inexpensive, tasty tacos. I think you can get a quesadilla and maybe menudo.  Pepe’s is on the north side of Main St, just east of San Vicente/78. It’s in a building many know as the old Pizza Hut. It still retains some of the recognizable architectural features of a classic Pizza Hut restaurant. It’s been through a few paint jobs though, some drawing more community ire than others. It’s now a subdued tan.


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