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Pinto Thai

Outstanding Yellow Curry and Thai Fried Rice at Pinto Thai in Ramona! First time trying their yellow curry and it was really good. Made with taters, carrots and onion with your choice of protein. Incredibly hearty and richly flavored.


Iron Pan Thai Kitchen

First time visiting Iron Pan Thai Kitchen in Poway and I was not disappointed! I enjoyed an order of tasty “Crispy Rolls” and Crab Fried Rice. The fried rice dish yielded an ample amount of leftovers for my teenager. Dining in is super small, however intimate and comfortable. Service was very good and friendly.

Pinto Thai

I have been a huge fan of Thai food for many years. I have to admit though, all this time I tend to revolve around 3 or 4 of their staple dishes found in American Thai restaurants. Things like Pad Thai, fried rice dishes and various curries, etc. One thing that has intrigued me for some time has been “Larb”! Larb is a delicious meat salad consisting of ground meat (usually chicken or pork), herbs, chilis, fish sauce, lime juice and toasted ground rice. Typically served with either sticky rice or leafy greens to eat lettuce wrap style. I am so happy that I finally tried it! Such a combustion of flavors, satisfying mouthfeel and quite fragrant. Overall a very light dish that won’t leave you feeling all distended after eating it. I highly recommend trying Larb the next time you’re dining in a Thai restaurant.

Charm Thai Kitchen

Outstanding “Charm Thai Fried Rice” at CTK in Rancho Bernardo! A house fried rice with three succulent meats; beef, chicken and pork. Includes onion, tomato, Chinese broccoli, egg and garnished with cucumber, lime and cilantro.

Jetta Thai

Excellent Pad Thai Noodle at Jetta Thai in quirky downtown El Segundo!

Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar

First time visiting a Lazy Dog restaurant and I was really impressed. Inside, the atmosphere is absolutely stunning with great service to match. The menu is quite expansive, satisfying most any taste. I ordered the “Thai Noodles”. Kind of like a Pad Thai. Made with shrimp, ground chicken, tofu (omitted), peanuts, stir-fried egg, bean sprouts and a peanut sauce. Although not spicy enough it was still a solid dish for a chain restaurant. Looking forward to returning and trying something else.

Pei Wei Asian Diner

Outstanding Pad Thai at Pei Wei in 4S Ranch! As long as you omit the tofu that is. The consistency is still somewhat loose compared to legit Thai restaurants though.


Charm Thai Kitchen

One of the best places for lunch specials in Rancho Bernardo is Charm Thai Kitchen. And not just my favorite for Thai food, but an all around great restaurant. It also helps that they’re in a shopping center with one of the least jacked up parking lots in RB during the lunch rush. My favorite thing to order at CTK is the Pad Thai. They always make it with the perfect balance of sweet, sour and spicy!

Erawan Thai Cuisine 

Good Pad Thai, although not the best in Rancho Bernardo. Soup/salad with lunch special, terrible. Felt like I was eating lunch in a funeral home.

Pailin Thai Cafe 

Still the best Pad Thai lunch special in SoCal!  Especially prepared with the BBQ pork.  Even the spicy Thai soup appetizer is tasty.  If you’re ever in the Rancho Bernardo area, this place is well worth the visit!

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