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Thai 2 You

Outstanding Panang Curry lunch special at Rancho Bernardo’s newest Thai eatery, Thai 2 You! First time I’ve seen peas like this in my Panang. Could have done without that. Such a charming, beautifully decorated restaurant. Table service here, although you’re expected to pay at the counter when finished. Kind of awkward. Unfortunately the parking is awful, so plan your timing accordingly. Highly recommended.



I am always seeking out new locations to enjoy Thai food and recently stumbled upon AA-HARN. Such a fantastic restaurant with 3 locations in San Diego. I visited AA-HARN 56 which is just a short drive from my office; and relatively new to this location off Ted Williams Parkway in Rancho Penasquitos. Named after the word for “food” in the Thai language, AA-HARN is a modern Thai restaurant featuring a menu of authentic Thai dishes. 

I’ve already visited twice and have been impressed both times. The Cashew Nut Chicken was excellent. The perfect balance of proteins and crispy wok-seared vegetables. Served with a side of steamed rice. I’ve also had the Pad Thai. Beautifully presented with a crowning of sweet radish, carrot and green onion spears. It looked and tasted outstanding.

Pinto Thai

Excellent Pad Thai at Pinto Thai in Ramona! I always order it “combo style” which is like “house special”. Includes beef, chicken, pork and shrimps. Spice scale here is 1-5. Some places it’s 1-10 so you have to be careful and ask. I always request a 3 which is just right for me.

Pinto Thai

Outstanding Panang Curry at Pinto Thai in Ramona! Can be ordered with your choice of protein or a combination thereof; plus side of steaming white rice. So richly flavored and delicious!

Pinto Thai

Excellent Thai Fried Rice at Pinto Thai in Ramona!

Charm Thai Kitchen

Outstanding Pad Thai at the best Thai restaurant in Rancho Bernardo, CTK!

Pinto Thai

Pad Kee Mao, also known as “drunken noodles” at Pinto Thai in Ramona. First time trying this dish and I wasn’t really impressed. The texture of those wide noodles was just off putting. I think I’ll stick with their excellent Pad Thai, fried rice or curry dishes next time.

Pinto Thai

Asian food makes the best takeout, that I can tell you! Pinto Thai for the win with this outstanding Pa-Nang Curry with chicken. Served with a generous side of hot steamed white rice. Everything was so thoughtfully packaged too.

Pinto Thai

Outstanding to-go Pad Thai from Pinto Thai in Ramona! Asian food always makes the best takeout.

Pinto Thai

March 26, 2020 – Asian food makes THE best takeout, that I can tell you! Pinto Thai for the win. Outstanding Thai Fried Rice with beef. I’m so happy they’re hanging in there. You could tell they were most appreciative for the business. Check them out for some great Thai food to-go.

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