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Stage Coach Grille & Saloon

Excellent country fried steak with a side of stunning views at Stage Coach Grille in Springdale, Utah!

Bit & Spur

Popular among the locals, Bit & Spur is a fantastic and beautiful restaurant with excellent service! In fact, we went twice during our visit it was that good. This time I had an outstanding wet burrito.

Switchback Grille

I went out on a limb and ordered crab cakes in Utah! I was not disappointed, although I could have done without all the corn LOL. Switchback Grille is probably the most stunning restaurant in the area. The building is beautiful inside and out. Also enjoyed an exquisite wedge salad and a smartly presented creme brûlée.

Thunderbird Restaurant

“Home of the Ho-Made Pies”, the Thunderbird Restaurant is such a trippy place with great food. Located in the middle of nowhere, southern Utah at a wide spot in the road known as Mt. Carmel Junction in the town of Orderville. I ordered “The Larry”. Slow cooked roast beef, thinly sliced ham, plus American & Swiss cheese grilled on Texas Toast. Remarkable sandwich!

Cracker Barrel

Last March we embarked upon a great road trip to Southern Utah! Zion National Park, Springdale, etc. After about 8 hours of driving we made it to St. George and had an outstanding dinner at the Barrel. Excellent grilled rainbow trout with a side of mac & cheese, hash brown casserole and hot biscuits!

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