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The Par Lounge

Tried the new ‘Pecan Smoked Chicken Wings’ at The Par Lounge tonight! 10 pieces served with the standard chicken wing accouterment of carrots, celery and creamy, fatty dressing. $15 under normal circumstances, $13 during HH. Served hot, tender, juicy and with a beautifully crispy skin. There was a higher ratio of flats to drumettes which I appreciated. Flavor tossing choices include plain, BBQ, Buffalo, honey sriracha, sweet chili, maple bourbon, or garlic parmesan. I chose garlic parmesan and it was barely discernible unfortunately. Tasted more like an order of plain. Wing size was pretty average. Some of the drumettes could have come from a pigeon for all I know. As always though, a stunning presentation and the side of veg was fresh and abundant.

Ramona Lisa Pizza

Outstanding garlic Parmesan chicken wings from Ramona Lisa Pizza!

Julian Beer Company

Follow up visit to my new back country favorite! Tried the smoked wings at JBC and they were outstanding! For my Ramona peeps, JBC will be in town tomorrow night for a tap takeover at Reds, Whites & Brews!

Way Point Saloon

The appetizer menu at Way Point Saloon / Up the Hill Grill continues to evolve in creative and exciting ways! Here’s an outstanding order of duck wings. Deep fried and glazed with a honey citrus bourbon sauce. I was expecting them to be a little more meaty, but they were delicious nonetheless.

Rock & Brews

The chicken wings are on point at Rock & Brews in El Segundo, CA!

Chili’s Grill & Bar

The new loaded boneless wings at Chili’s are outstanding! They are smothered in a white queso, 3-cheese blend, applewood smoked bacon & chopped green onions. Served with a side of house made ranch dressing. I usually prefer my chicken on a bone but these were outrageous good! Best part was not feeling like I had to take a shower after eating it!

Way Point Saloon

Outstanding chicken wings at Way Point Saloon! Some of the best I’ve had in town, that I can tell you.

The Oaks Grille 

Outstanding takeout order of boneless BBQ wings from The Oaks Grille.  

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