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Oaks Grille

This week we went to the Oaks Grille/Par Lounge for our burger. We’ve actually been eating these burgers here for years and they have always been consistently good. Their burger menu is fairly small and simple, but highly customizable. Don’t be afraid to get creative and ask for it to be made how you like it. If it’s in the kitchen, it can be incorporated into your burger preference. Back in the day this was on the menu as “Blue Cheese Bacon”. Now you take their Oaks Burger for $9 and go from there. Adding bacon and blue cheese crumbles brought this to $11.75. Burgers come standard with leaf lettuce, red onion, tomato and pickle. Bacon was thick and crispy.
The beef patty here was impressive. Came out very thick, substantial, hot and juicy. Did not taste like a frozen patty or something institutional. The texture and mouthfeel of the beef is outstanding. Served on a toasted brioche bun which was fresh and held together very well throughout the entire eat.
I elected onion rings over fries. They’re actually both good here, but when the rings are perfect, it’s my go-to side. Try it with a side of ranch, you won’t be disappointed. Plating and presentation were spot on!
Since we’re under 70, we ate on the Par Lounge side. It’s a great, comfortable and modern atmosphere. Ryan was our server tonight and he was excellent. Nice young man with a genuine spirit who was on the ball the entire time.


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