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Boll Weevil

Chicken in a Basket for dinner last night at the Weev! For $10.99 you get a basket of Tyson “honey stung” (whatever that means) fried chicken; fries and a tasty dinner salad. Includes a big fatty breast, thigh and drummette. It’s a nice change when you’re tired of burgers…


Los Amigos

This is the taco shop just down the street from me.  About the only thing good there are the rolled tacos.  It’s either that or a 15 minute drive into town.  Sometime rolled tacos are good enough!


Pizza Studio

Back to my favorite custom pizza place in Poway.  So good and such a thin crust.  It cooks in only two minutes…



With all these horrible things I eat, sometime a good counterpoint is a salad.  I recently tried Wendy’s Caesar salad with spicy chicken.  It’s really tasty and filling enough for lunch.  For me anyway…  Needs two packets of dressing though.


La Cocina

Sometimes I like rolled tacos for breakfast. This morning I tried them at La Cocina. Order of 3 with guacamole is $4.50. I have a soft spot in my heart (and stomach) for La Cocina, but their rolled tacos were nothing to write home about. Pretty average in fact. The guacamole however was excellent! Made with fresh avo, but concentrated pretty much in the center of the tacos. Not distributed across.  
Need to make sure you take a good bite with your teeth. The meat is so densely packed that you tend to pull out a slug of meat with each bite. Thus leaving an empty tortilla tube for the ensuing bites until you reach meat again.

Best rolled tacos I’ve had are still at Albert’s down the hill, home of the giant rolled taco.



Nuevo Grill

Finally tried the burger menu at Nuevo Grill recently. Their burger selections are simple and straight forward, with 6 to choose from, including a Buffalo Burger. Side choices include fries, or BBQ beans. I ordered the Sonoran Burger for $10.99. It’s a half pound burger topped with mild green chiles, jack cheese and ancho chile sauce. Surprisingly it was also made with the whole burger set, lettuce, tomato and onion. There were two huge chiles on it, in addition to the giant leaf lettuce, which made it a real hot mess to handle and keep together. There was a good amount of melted jack cheese.  
The bun was fairly institutional, plain white, with sesame seeds. Beef patty was about the same, did not seem fresh or hand formed. Ordered med-well, came out well.

Had a nice visit overall and the burger was tasty and of good value. Relative to everyone else though, probably middle of the road right with D’Carlos. Nuevo has a lot of great things on their menu so I probably wouldn’t order a burger again there. Actually next time I plan to try some chicken wings. Looking forward to our next visit as always.




Sushi on the Rock

Well this turned out to be an unfortunate marriage between two cultures. The so-called Philadelphia Roll at Sushi on the Rock in 4SRanch. I’ve been eyeing this choice on various susie menus for months now. Finally decided to try one and wasn’t overly impressed. Made with smoked salmon and cream cheese. Probably best left for a bagel or something…


El Michoacan 

No time for a lengthy write up today… Just had some good shrimp enchiladas at El Michoacan. $9 & change. Even though it’s spring, they had great fall themed table cloths out that complimented the chairs well. Service tonight was on par with Cheers. No fire…


Phil’s BBQ 

Southern California is not known for its BBQ, but San Diego is home to a hidden gem called Phil’s.  He has a few locations open around the county and there’s always a line out the door.  Here’s some baby back ribs with two helpings of their excellent mac salad.  And a couple of onion rings snuck from my wife’s plate for good measure. 



Manana’s Mexican Food

Got these two bad boys for breakfast.  One crunchy hardshell chicken taco and a shrimp taco 😁


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