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La Cocina

I’ve eaten flautas all over town and I’m happy to say that none have been terrible. Flautas at La Cocina however have been a remarkable standout! Standard order of two (beef or chicken) is only $4.99 and comes topped with shredded cheese, sour cream and an excellent, fresh tasting guacamole.

I usually order beef, but this time tried the chicken. These were rolled up with a ton of seasoned, shredded chicken. Probably the chubbiest flautas I’ve had it town.

Outstanding service, as always, at La Cocina.


333 Pacific

One of my favorite restaurants in San Diego county’s north coastal region is 333 Pacific. Here’s their remarkably good mac & cheese made with orecchiette pasta! Check them out next time you’re in Oceanside. Right on the Pacific with a beautiful view of the beach and pier.

Ramona Lisa Pizza

Outstanding pepperoni & Italian sausage pizza from Ra-Mona Lisa!!


Living in SoCal, I’ve been eating burritos pretty much my whole life. In fact, I dearly adore them! Lately though I’ve developed a fondness for the so-called “wet burrito”. Here’s an outstanding version from Rubio’s with their Baja Grill chicken burrito. Basically you take any burrito and blanket it with a liberal amount of enchilada sauce, verde sauce, etc. Some places use a ranchero sauce or even a creamy queso type sauce. What sauce is best usually depends on what kind of burrito is under it.


Outstanding spicy chicken sammich at Chick-fil-A! My favorite thing to order every time I go. Love the added pickles and an extra squeeze of mayonnaise.

Barona Resort & Casino

Outstanding banquet fare at the Barona Resort & Casino special events center. Excellent pork tenderloin with some of the best creme brûlée I’ve had.

Nuevo Grill & Cantina 

Still the best enchiladas (and chips & salsa) in town. Loved my Chicken Enchiladas Verde from Nuevo Girl recently. I noticed they had some good looking Langostino dishes on the menu that I want to try next time. Service was nothing short of outstanding!!

Jack in the Box 

The so-called brunch Burger at Jack in the Box was pretty tasty!  

Boll Weevil 

The best order of fish & chips in Ramona is still at Boll Weevil!  Thursday nights only, all you can eat.  This has been a weekly tradition at the Weev for sometime.  Despite the prices creeping upward, it’s still the best value in town. 

Los Amigos

My favorite takeout burrito is from Los Amigos. Not the best burrito in town, but a good 15 minutes closer than all the other places. Pairs perfectly with a nice cold Modelo beer. 

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