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Big Bang Sushi

Outstanding speciality roll they call the “Padres Roll”!  Inside was tempura shrimp, krab and cucumber.  On top, soft shell crab, avocado, spicy mayo, eel sauce and green onion!

Dave & Buster’s

Just had a root canal (or endodontic therapy as like to call it) and the dentist is right next door to the adult Chuck E. Cheese.    Of course I had to go and get something soft before the numbing wore off and I couldn’t eat.  These outstanding loaded tots worked out just perfect. 

The Green Spot

This place is kind of on the crunchy side, but still one of the better lunch eateries in 4S Ranch.  Outstanding handmade salads, wraps, etc. 

La Cocina 

Big, beautiful chimichanga for breakfast this morning at La Cocina. This thing was as big as my head! For $8.50 it’s filled with a ton of shredded beef and cheese. After being fried it’s topped with guac, sour cream, lettuce, pico, cheese, etc. I think the kitchen sink is somewhere in there too.This was a really good and huge meal, but I’m not gonna sugar coat it. The shredded beef is pretty bland. A lot of Mexican restaurants doctor up their shredded beef with onions, peppers, sometimes maters, etc. Here it’s just plain beef. When there’s so much of it, it tends to get tiresome.

Outstanding service as always.

Charm Thai Kitchen

Outstanding Pad Thai lunch special at CTK!  I just wish they put the salad on a separate plate.  It unfortunately tends to sympathetically absorb warmth from the hot food. 

In N Out

A SoCal institution that never disappoints!

El Taco Loco Shop

The other day for breakfast I got a big league order of flautas from El Taco Loco Shop inside Ramona Market. It’s a great value – four chubby, beef filled, flour tortilla wrapped, fried flautas for only $4.99. There’s no standard topping method here, they always ask what I want on top… So I just tell ‘em cheese, crema and guac. They come out hot, crispy and tasty! I always recommend eating in here at one of their rickety tables. To me the food always tastes better that way.

I’m a big flauta fan and saw in another post today that Mi Ranchito has good flautas. Never tried them there. All recommendations welcome!


Since we were at D’Carlos last weekend, we had to include an order of onion rings for our series…Shown here is an appetizer order for $7. It was a cute presentation. Rings on a bed of greens, nestled in one of those plate/skillet things.

Rings came out perfectly hot, and modestly seasoned. I did note that it was a fairly conservative portion for $7. Biggest take away here is how thick and fatty they were! Not really our preferred style. The server did accurately indicate they’re not housemade, but in my opinion they’re using a very high quality product! I also appreciated that they fried them well done, extra crispy.

Rings here are served standard with a side of ranch dressing. (Love D’Carlos salad dressings).

Overall rating is 3.5 stars. Slight ding for small portion and being way too thick.


D’Carlos for dinner tonight! I went traditional and ordered off the “Old Time Favorites” part of the menu. Here’s my country fried steak, only $11, served with mashed taters.  
The CFS was a fairly conservative portion and did not seem to be made from scratch. It was still good, came out hot, etc. Only one oral extraction. Gravy seemed to be a good, light chicken variety white gravy. Did not need any extra s&p.  

The mashed potatoes did seem scratch made and were of a good, rustic consistency. Not overly creamy or buttery, and made with skin-on taters. 

Service was top-shelf tonight! Our server did an outstanding job – kudos to her :) 

Between 3-5 pm everyday your entire meal is 20% off! This is a really good deal and takes a good chunk off your check at the end. Definitely recommend going, (depending on what you order…)


Ramona Wendy’s for lunch the other day! Tried the “limited time only” GoudaBacon Cheeseburger. For $5.29 (sammich only) it’s made with aged gouda, swiss gruyere fondue, applewood smoked bacon, etc., all on a brioche bun.  It was really good, but pretty messy with all the oozing drips. Not recommended for in-car dining! (Especially while driving).

This is another Wendy burger that looks pretty close to their promotional material. The fondue was better than expected with a decent flavor and good body. Wasn’t all watery and bland.

Burger came out hot & juicy and the brioche bun seemed fresh and stayed together throughout the eat. Nice change from the last burger I had at JIB…

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