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RB Sushi

Outstanding lunch specials at RB Sushi.  Such fresh and vibrant ingredients in their California Roll.  And my new favorite, shrimp nigiri.  A squeeze of lemon and daub of wasabi make it just perfect.  


Yesenia’s Mexican Food

Looks like a hot mess, but this taco shop has the best chile rellenos around.  Even better than ones I’ve had at most sit down Mexican restaurants.  


The Green Spot

This place is so green, they don’t even have any printed menus on paper.  Their wraps are all very creative and made to order in front of you with fresh tasty ingredients.   


Flippin’ Pizza

Normally just get pie by the slice here, but recently went with a group from work and the boss bought!  So that means ordering whole pies to feed everyone.  Perfectly thin, crispy crust and just the right amount of cheese and toppings.  Can’t eat just one slice even though they are huge.  They do a bangin’ job on the pizza here for sure. 


Way Point Saloon

Dinner tonight at Molly Malone’s (date night Ramona style). I had the burger of the month, which was the Maple Bourbon Bacon Burger. Half pound patty with melted smoked cheddar, crumbled bacon, finished with a maple brown sugar glaze and flamed aged bourbon, topped with “frazzled” red onion and jalapeño. It was the perfect blend of sweet & spicy. Some bites even had a great candied texture. I’ve never tasted anything like it. A very unique and original burger creation. $12.50, includes choice of side. Highly recommended.

Pete’s Taco Shop (and more)

Great breakfast burrito made with bacon, egg, cheese, taters, etc…  Too unwieldy to cut in half and get a cross-section shot.  Still a handsome meal nonetheless.  Such a well-rounded and neat place to eat, despite the fact that it’s inside a liquor store.  Only in Ramona!


Outback Steakhouse 

For a chain restaurant, Outback does grilled salmon really well.  One of my usuals, it’s always cooked perfectly.  And of course you can’t go to OB without getting a bloomin’ onion!


Los Primos

Here’s some outstanding pork Adobada tacos at Los Primos Mexican Food.  Two of these would have been enough but how could I resist the three taco special!


Nuevo Grill

Two nights ago, enjoyed another fine meal at Nuevo Girl. Arrived 15 minutes after happy hour, but was unfortunately unable to order my favorite stubby taquitos. Server checked with the kitchen and I was declined. Too bad. Maybe they should be a regular appetizer menu offering.I went out on a limb and ordered a Nuevo Tostada Grande. Your choice of marinated grilled chicken, sirloin, or carnitas in a crisp flour tortilla shell. This thing is huge! Had to be bigger than my head. I ordered it with chicken and it was loaded. This configuration costs $10.99, steak or shrimp extra.

The menu noted that it includes sour cream and guacamole. Mine had neither unfortunately. The tortilla shell was fresh tasting. Didn’t taste like it had been sitting around for a week. Overall an impressive meal and sight, but I’ll probably stick with enchiladas next time.

Despite two “unfortunately’s” in one post, I’m still looking forward to a return visit.


The Oaks Grille

This place continues to impress me with their original offerings of tasty pizzas.  They’re all cooked so well and use fresh, high quality ingredients.  Here I tried the Margherita.  $8.50 for a small, it’s a thin crust pie with olive oil, garlic, oregano, tomato, Parmesan, mozzarella, etc.  the whole thing is then drizzled with a flavorful balsamic reduction.  I usually like meat on my pizza, but I would definitely get this one again!


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