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Steamers of Pismo

Spent a short bit of time recently in California’s beautiful central coast.  Here’s a neat place right on the beach with terrific views.  Ordered up an excellent halibut fish & chips.  Thick and meaty with an outstanding batter.  


The Original Pantry Cafe

This place has been a landmark institution for generations.  Nestled in the heart of downtown Los Angeles at 9th & Figeuroa, they’re known as the place that never closes.  Great steaks in the evening, but breakfast here is a real treat.  Plates come adorned with what seems to be a slab of bacon and generous slices of thick sourdough toast. Old school type waiters here wearing cheesy tuxedos, etc.  Parking is a cluster, but definitely worth a visit!


Karl Strauss Brewing Company

The Shrimp Po’ Boy at Karl’s is probably one of the best looking sammies I’ve eaten.  Very pretty in front of the camera, it tasted nearly as good as it looks.  There was a lot going on here with all the batter fried peppers, thick sliced mater, etc.  Could have used either more or bigger shrimps.  It held together pretty well, but at the end of the day I’d just assume get a Jersey Mike sub or something… 


Chef Chin

It’s been a long time since I’ve been here and I’m reminded why.  I ordered my go-to Chinese favorite, Kung Pao Chicken.  Unfortunately it was loaded down with huge, hideous mushrooms.  Most were broken down to the point where they were hard to discern in the overall dish to pick out.  That and chunks of water chestnut just about did it for me.  Not a fan of either ingredient.  I usually consider the water chestnuts to be cheap fillers in Chinese food.  I need to find a place that just uses the basics.  The fried rice and egg roll were decent at least.  


Pizza Nova

This is a great restaurant right on San Diego Bay, just across from the airport.  One of the best calamari appetizers I’ve had.  Complete with two flavorful dipping sauces.  A nice marinara and what seemed like a creamy, garlic, peppercorn type number.  Usually I get one of their signature pizzas, but this time tried an excellent pasta dish.  This was a wide fettuccine with pancetta and some big fatty, succulent shrimps in a delicate cream sauce.  It was outstanding!  Can’t wait to go back 😊


On the Border

I’m not the biggest fan of chain Mexican restaurants, but OTB has it going on with their twist on TexMex favorites.  One of my favorite things to get there are enchiladas.  Especially when it’s Endless Enchiladas!   I always appreciate how they adorn them with a fresh jalapeΓ±o slice.  


BJ’s Brewhouse

BJ’s has a really good lunch menu it turns out!   Smaller size burgers that are creative and pack a punch.  Whenever there’s blue cheese and bacon on the menu I can’t resist!  They also have a really good selection of house beers on tap…


Pei Wei Asian Diner

Sometimes at Pei Wei I like to get their Pad Thai.  Pretty good, I just need to remember to tell them to hold the tofu.  πŸ˜±  Not sure why they feel the need to add that substance when it already comes with a choice of protein.  I can’t speak to the authenticity, but I’ve never had my Pad Thai made with tofu in a Thai restaurant.  


Cotija’s Taco Shop

Cotija is a fairly middle of the road chain of taco shops here in SoCal.  The food and service are not outstanding, yet their prices continue to increase.  Not sure why I still go there!  They also depart from the normal recipes on some items, like the carne asada quesadilla.  They put beans in it and wrap it like an open ended burrito.  Es no Bueno!  Anyway, here’s some decent fish tacos and a tolerable chile relleno. 


Homemade Pizza

Sometimes we like to make pizza at home!  Lady FoodObs makes a bangin’ scratch crust and we go from there.  This time just a simple pepperoni.  Always turns out so yummy!  I think I could eat pizza everyday…


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