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Nuevo Grill

Finally tried the burger menu at Nuevo Grill recently. Their burger selections are simple and straight forward, with 6 to choose from, including a Buffalo Burger. Side choices include fries, or BBQ beans. I ordered the Sonoran Burger for $10.99. It’s a half pound burger topped with mild green chiles, jack cheese and ancho chile sauce. Surprisingly it was also made with the whole burger set, lettuce, tomato and onion. There were two huge chiles on it, in addition to the giant leaf lettuce, which made it a real hot mess to handle and keep together. There was a good amount of melted jack cheese.  
The bun was fairly institutional, plain white, with sesame seeds. Beef patty was about the same, did not seem fresh or hand formed. Ordered med-well, came out well.

Had a nice visit overall and the burger was tasty and of good value. Relative to everyone else though, probably middle of the road right with D’Carlos. Nuevo has a lot of great things on their menu so I probably wouldn’t order a burger again there. Actually next time I plan to try some chicken wings. Looking forward to our next visit as always.




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