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Los Amigos

We stayed close to home for this weeks carne asada burrito and went to Los Amigos. For $5.99 it’s made with carne; tomato; onion; and everyone’s favorite – – – lettuce and “creamy” guacamole.
I’ve eaten here for years and this is the first time I tried their carne asada burrito. It seemed I wasn’t missing much. I’ve always loved their carnitas burritos, flautas and whatnot… Best part of this one was the tortilla. My wife raved how good the tort was. The carne was well seasoned, although exceptionally mealy in texture. I’m not afraid of lettuce in burritos, so that didn’t bother me.
Really great thing is they are very nice folks and serve up a big plate of chips while you wait. Also some of the best salsa I’ve had at an up the hill taco shop…





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