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I finally made it to Amerient this evening. I haven’t been there since it was the Old TelCo, back in the day… I ordered my favorite Chinese go-to, Kung Pao Chicken. Since I was there between 3-5pm I was able to take advantage of early bird pricing. It was only $8.50 and included soup and appetizer (two egg rolls).  The Kung Pao was decent, prepared in the traditional fashion. It was made with a generous amount of chicken that had no discernible byproduct. Spiciness was just right for me. Noticeably missing though was chopped green onions! Not an insignificant omission.  

The fried rice was another story (pictured below). It was a small portion, extremely bland, no egg at all, and tasted like it was made two days ago.  

The egg rolls and won ton soup were very good. I would probably go back – to satisfy a festering Chinese itch…



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