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San Diego Sunshine 

So, Ramona has about 500 wineries, 1 microbrewery (unless you count my neighbors bathtub), and recently I had the pleasure of visiting our only craft distillery! San Diego Sunshine, located at 432 Maple Street in Ramona. They have a very cool tasting room open Thursday-Sunday from 12pm-9pm.San Diego Sunshine produces two varieties for sale (in 750 ML bottles); a Honey Wheat and a Blueberry Honey. Somewhat whiskey/rum like but cannot be labeled as such due to their distilling methodology. Both are 100 proof/50% ABV. I’ve had both and they are excellent! Smooth, strong, and you can really taste the honey and wheat. 

In their tasting room you can get a taster shot for $2 or one of about six creative mixed drinks for $7. Here’s what they call the “Red, White & Blueberry”. Highly recommended!

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