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Cafe Luna

Nestled in the corner of an unassuming strip mall, surrounded by taco shops, donut shops, etc. is a beautiful restaurant. Cafe Luna is an absolute gem. You feel like you’re in the European countryside and not Carmel Mountain Ranch. I’ve visited twice and have been mostly impressed. Reservations were made and honored easily with the Yelp app. I highly recommend their signature “Rosetta”. There’s a small plate version with only two, but that’s not enough. You’ll want at least six.

I’ve also had the Fettuccine Bolognese. It was a very nice dish, beautifully presented. For a bolognese though, there really wasn’t enough meat in my opinion. The menu carries on about ground filet mignon and wagyu, etc., so I had high hopes. I should have requested a side of Italian sausage to go with it. My wife ordered the “Lobster Mac & Cheese”. It was not a traditional composed mac & cheese but more of a pink sauce pasta dish with cheese melted on top. The lobster tasted of high quality although the pieces were quite small and almost indiscernible. Not like the photo on their website. It did have a rich lobster flavor throughout. 

The outside patio seating is most lovely! Just be warned of the neighboring Irish Pub. We were immediately down wind from inconsiderate cigarette smokers just on the other side of the barrier. Service here is by and large excellent and professional. My wine glass did sit empty for a good twenty minutes though. They do have an impressive wine list and selection of top shelf cocktails. This place is a must visit if you’ve never been.


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